Auto Slider, Free Image Gallery

Este es otro de esos recursos priceless  para todos los diseñadores web que se han quedado colgados intentando encontrar un modo elegante y vistoso para mostrar fotografías. Incluyen código fuente y tutoriales

 Auto Slider

 Style: Sleek and compact.
Function: Slide show feature and live text descriptions for each image are a major plus!

Flash Gallery, Free Image Gallery

Flash Gallery

Style: Sleek look that’s easy to modify with your own look.
Function: Supports different image dimensions, you don’t have to make them uniform, plus the thumbnails are created dynamically. Full-Screen mode is perfect for showcasing your design or photography portfolio.

Flickr Show, Free Image Gallery

Flickr Show

Style: Clean and modern.
Function: Pull photos from a Flickr set into a gallery with fun sliding action and slide show feature.

E2, Free Image Gallery

E2 Gallery

Style: Adapt the look to your site.
Function: A little bulky, but this could be modified to fit your needs.

Flash Flickr, Free Image Gallery

Flash Flickr

Style: Just like Flickr, but flashier…
Function: A photo gallery made in Flex2/AS3 using Flickr API. This application let users to browse your Flickr pictures, see your sets, tags and notes.

Gallerific, Free Image Gallery


Style: This gallery is really easy to customize — both style and layout.
Function: Use XML to pull images from a designated directory, use live text descriptions and break thumbnails into multiple groups for compact viewing.

Free Flash Gallery, Free Image Gallery

Free Flash

Style: Flashy and with that Lightbox style pop-up view look.
Function: Slide show feature, but images do take a little long to load.

Galleria, Free Image Gallery


Style: Simple and clean.
Function: Live text image descriptions.

Highslide, Free Image Gallery


Style: This is Lightbox but with various styling options to fit your needs.
Function: Works just like Lightbox.

Imago, Free Image Gallery


Style: The demos shown of this are not too pretty, but style this one right and it could be very nice!
Function: Pull images from a feed or your own gallery.

Free Image Gallery

Automatically Generate a Photo Gallery from a Directory of Images

Style: Has a Lightbox-like style, but with a simplified style.
Function: This PHP script pulls your full-size and thumbnail images from a designated directory, all you need to do to add or remove an image is to remove it from that directory.

Minishowcase, Free Image Gallery


Style: Again with the Lightbox overlay look.
Function: Pulls up images fast.

Phat Fusion, Free Image Gallery

Phat Fusion

Style: Elegant look, could be used for a small collection of images or modified into a cool navigation system.
Function: Neat expanding motion!

Simple Viewer, Free Image Gallery

Simple Viewer

Style: Thumbnails previews & i wouldn’t even change the large arrow navigation, think it’s pretty cool.
Function: Break thumbnails into multiple groups for compact viewing.

Slide Viewer, Free Image Gallery

Slide Viewer

Style: Motion and sleekness of a Flash gallery w/out any Flash.
Function: Just add your images into a designated gallery and the appropriate number of buttons are generated. Only downer for this one is all your images have to be scaled to the exact same size.

Smooth Gallery, Free Image Gallery

Smooth Gallery

Style: Simple gallery with collapsible thumbnail views.
Function: Live text image descriptions, quick image loading and smooth image to image transition. I use this on my homepage!

Space Gallery, Free Image Gallery

Space Gallery

Style: Think Mac OSX’s Time Machine.
Function: Cool 3-D effect, slick flip through image feel.

Moo Tools, Free Image Gallery

Moo Tools

Style: Another Lightbox style image gallery using MooTools.
Function: Nothing fancy about this, a simple image viewer.

Zen Photo, Free Image Gallery

Zen Photo

Style: Simple style allows for a completely customizable look.
Function: Image rating and comments.

Zen Photo, Free Image Gallery


Style: We all know Lightbox, but LightWindow allows for many more options and endless customization!
Function: Use this for image galleries, video viewing, and to view an external site within your site. (check it out and that will all make sense.)